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The Value of Atrium Management

The health care industry requires a level of expertise to respond to the medical changes in the resident population we serve and the strict regulatory environment we operate in. Atrium’s size allows for a depth of resources available to each center that helps us to be at the cutting edge of changes.

Regional and corporate support include the following areas:

Clinical support for staff training and consistency of care through quality standards and guidelines. Quality assurance programs to support our philosophy of continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of service and care possible.

Financial support to ensure proper billing requirements of the Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance payers.

Reimbursement expertise to assist residents to receive the therapy benefits available through the Medicare program.

Management support at the regional and corporate level to support our community Administrators and department supervisors in all areas of operations including human resources, environmental services, licensure requirements, social services, activities, dietary, and community relations.

Information systems to provide the most efficient methods of communications and transferring of information in a secure environment following requirements of privacy laws.

Human resource support for recruiting, retaining, and recognizing the best staff members in each community we serve that builds a strong sense of pride and loyalty. Support for providing the best insurance and benefits package for our staff who take care of the residents we serve.